Radon System Servicing

Radon System Servicing? …. Why?… When?

So, you have a radon gas mitigation system. Congratulations! ….you had a system installed years ago… it’s fine…or is it! Like your cars, boats, mechanical equipment, heating systems, annual checkups and servicing is required to maintain optimal performance and functionality.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that originates in the soil beneath our buildings. Everyone has radon, the question is how high is your level?  Over time the soil around us decays, our buildings decay, we make modifications, new windows, additions, energy efficient upgrades and improvements to our building.

However, we forget that this change can impact our radon mitigation system. And like all mechanical devices, routine maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure optimal performance, operation and functionality. If you have a radon mitigation system, you should retest for radon at least annually. Testing is the only way to confirm that your system is properly functioning and operational in reducing your radon levels to within acceptable levels.

Here is a short list of why it’s time to get your radon mitigation system looked at by Granite Inspection Group!

  • If you have not tested in the last year or don’t recall when you have tested last…. you need to TEST NOW!
  • Recent retest shows radon levels tested high
  • Radon fan has stopped working.
  • Radon fan is making funny and usually sounds like gurgling, sounds like a garbage disposal, dishwasher, loud humming
  • Your fan in located in the basement, closet or another location in the building, other than outside.
  • Radon piping is missing, damaged, disconnected, wrong size or different type of material.
  • Audible or visible alarm system not present, disconnected, beeping, flashing lights.
  • Manometer / Airflow gauge reads zero on both sides, fluid missing, water is present.
  • Cracks are present in your basement floor.
  • Finished your basement or remodeling took place in the building.
  • Improvements and updates to your heating systems, cooling systems, windows, doors, insulation to improve energy.
  • A non-state licensed, certified professional removed, modified, altered and repaired any part of your radon mitigation system.
  • You are not the original owner and the house came with a system…Hmmmm???

Your system was installed many years ago. As licensed / certified professionals, Granite Inspection Group can test and inspect your radon mitigation system to ensure and confirm that your level of radon is within an acceptable range.